Astrological Planets and Sun Signs

Astrological Sun Signs

Aries – Element Fire. Independent, Assertive and Motivated, Provocative, Spontaneous, Enthusiastic. Also Aggressive, Inconsiderate and Self Centered.

Taurus – Element Earth. Grounded, Realistic, Persistent, Determined, and perhaps Opportunistic. Stable and Predictable personality, Supportive and Reliable. Sensual, enjoys tastes, textures.

Gemini – Element Air. Versatile Intellect, Investigative, Curious, Inquiring. Communicative, Versatile, and quick to make Associations. Possibly Nervous, Unreliable and Undirected.

Cancer – Element Water. Emotional, Sensitive, Empathic and Intuitive. Provocative, Instructive, Motivating, Generative, Nurturing. Stability Oriented, Protective of the Past, Nostalgic, Moody.

Leo – Element Fire. Spontaneous Expressiveness, Enthusiastic, and Excited. Stimulating Catalyst, Inclusive, Confident and Nobel. Heart Centered Romantic, Generous. Perhaps Egotistical, Arrogant.

Virgo – Element Earth. Pragmatic and Practical. Analytical, Adaptive and Methodical. Problem Solver, Fixer of Things, Repairs and Improvements. Critical yet Discreet, Systematized and Structured.

Libra – Element Air. Cooperative, Communicative and Interactive. Partnerships Initiated, Balanced Negotiator, Egalitarian. Motivated Objectivity. Sometimes Vain.

Scorpio – Element Water. Intense Focus and Experiences. Power Oriented and Penetrating, Manifesting. Birthing, Defending, Destroying. Empathic, Sensitive, Psychic, but Jealous and Suspicious.

Sagittarius – Element Fire. Expressiveness and Expansion. Diversified and Flexible, Seeker of Truth. Disseminator and Teacher of Knowledge. Inspiring, Principled, Optimistic. Benevolent, Easy Going.

Capricorn – Element Earth. Generative, Formal, Disciplining. Authoritative, Dictatorial, Aloof, Require Respect. Conservative and Traditionalist. Overly Structured, but Not Entirely Rigid.

Aquarius – Element Air. Intelligent, Logical, Conceptual. Intense, Focused, Persistent, Determined. Innovative, Reforming Visionary, Global Thinking. Eccentric, Disruptive, Unpredictable.

Pisces – Element Water. Spiritual, Compassionate, Intuitive, Healing, Psychic. Adaptive, Evolving, Diversified. Dreamy and Serene, Imaginative. Barrierless, Disintegrated, Confused, Dependent.

Planetary with Metalic Associations

Mars (Distance from Sun: 227,900,000km) – Iron – Initiator of Movement, Actively supports Individualization, Pursuer of Persona, Strong Internal Drives: Sexual Attraction, Desires, also Anger.

Neptune (Distance to Sun: 4,497,000,000km) – Zinc – Actively Inspires Movement, Capacity to Integrate and Fantasize, Empathetic. Manipulator of things, Secrets Kept, Potential for Delusions, Addictions or Phobias.

Mercury (Distance from Sun: 57,900,000km) – Quicksilver – Curious, Logical, Cognitive Mind, Dexterous Individual, Adept at Communication, Social Interaction and Dialogue.

Moon (Distance from Earth: 384,400km) Silver – Reflected Light, Memories, Instinctive, Sensitive, Emotional, Sentimental. Unconditionally Supportive, Protective, Caretaker, Responsive to needs of others.

Sun (Diameter of Sun: 1,400,000km) – Gold – Illuminator, Creatively Expressive, Demonstrative, Identifies with Essential Self Actively Individualized, Generous, Attention to Details.

Earth (Distance from Sun: 149,600,000km) – Antimony – Grounded, Thoughtfulness, Organization of Ideas, Ability to Relate Things to One Another, Connectedness, Feedback, Encouragement to Manifest Ideals.

Venus (Distance from Sun: 108,200,000km) – Copper – Attractive Personality, Real Charmer, Beautify, Receptive, Able to Evaluate and Harmonize. Refine Basic Values, Encouragement, Fair Arbitrator.

Uranus (Distance from Sun: 2,870,000,000) – Uranium – Innovator, Actively Manifests, Breaker of Old Patterns and Limits. Prefers Change, Shattering Existing Structures, Rebelliousness. Also Detached and Observant.

Jupiter (Distance from Sun: 778,300,000km) – Tin – Philosopher and Seeker, Teacher of Growth. Scientific. Quest for Knowledge, an Expansive Mind. Increase and Disseminate Information. Generosity.

Saturn (Distance from Sun: 1,427,000,000km) – Lead – Builder of Structures, Setter of Boundaries, Wanting Respect and Position. Solid and Reliable Organization Man, Authority, Limiting and Conservative.

Pluto Distance from Sun: 5,900,000,000km) – Platinum – Transforming Urge, Universal Awareness, Inspiration. Quest of Deeper Meaning. Motivated to gather up personal energy for use in planetary transformation.

Ort Cloud – Iridium – Transitional Bridge, Manifesting Ideals in Reality. Incorporates Universal into Personal. Actions Intended to Repair and Heal, a Problem Solver.