Numerology and Sacred Geometry

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The Meaning in Numbers

0 ~ ZERO

0 ~ ZERO:

The NOT, Release from Expectations – Transition as Life

Symbolism and Associations:

Exemplifying the Nothing which is Not, as numerical expression of Infinity, ZERO is beyond definitions. Existing without beginning or end, both Alpha and Omega, metaphorical center that is everywhere, and circumference which is nowhere.

Encircling the entire universe, ZERO contains all material elements within itself. As representative of Vital Energies, the ancients once associated ZERO with the ‘nothingness’ liberated from the constraints of material existence.

Having the power to amplify and magnify, ZERO reinforces and reverberates in accordance with the vibrations of accompanying numbers. Often perceived as lacking numerical value of its own, when used to increase orders of magnitude, ZERO becomes limitless, expressing numbers from the infinitely large, to the infinitely small.

Affiliated with such principles as Nothingness, Emptiness, and the Void, ZERO contains spiritual qualities too, including Eternal Oneness, and limitless Cycles of Renewal.

Personality Traits:

As the embodiment of all that is mystical, ZERO reveals higher spiritual aspects of the total self. Essentially ZERO represents intuition, or perhaps even enhanced psychic abilities, although mostly associated with those who search within for answers.

The ZERO type might possess a deep sense of universal oneness and accord, accompanied by feelings of personal emptiness, or being incomplete in some way. Yet the true significance of ZERO seldom is allowed to reach full consciousness, due to potential consequences of making substantive, life altering choices.

Those developing their ZERO aspect have embarked upon the traditional hero’s quest, where one can expect the customary assortment of trials and tribulations to be waiting. Only by trusting their own intuition, or higher-self, can they ever hope to receive the necessary insights to successfully navigate the path stretching out before them.

In everyday experience, the ZERO benefits from an inner freedom, unconstrained by the binding traditions of our material existence. Not particularly bothered by needless details, ZERO persons are naturally formless creatures, perhaps outwardly appearing disheveled, disorganized, or incapable of making quick decisions.

More mindful of their gut instincts over conforming to the general consensus, the ZERO is often distrustful of using pure logic to reach conclusions. Lacking a precise conscious focus, they may find studying difficult, or be incapable of adhering to an outwardly practical lifestyle.

Moved by their intuitive impulses, ZERO persons may feel socially repressed, finding mere words too imprecise for sharing their metaphysical perspective. At times appearing insensitive to the spiritual beliefs of others, for not trusting in blind faith alone, they are genuine seekers of inalienable Knowledge and Understanding.