Life Energy Centers

theologue - alex grey
painting by Alex Grey

Vital Life Energy Centers

The World Clock chakra system differs slightly from commonly recognized Kundalini models. Here there are twelve vital energy drives, combined with nine chakras located along the body median, positions essentially unchanged from those of conventional chakra traditions. These psycho/spiritual drives have each been associated with a specific chakra function, while positioning remains flexible, since subjective reality might occasionally realign drives into different, unfamiliar positions.

Life Energy Centers: Alternative Iterations
Life Energy Centers: 7 to 9

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Rainbow Wizard

“I have suggested that self-actualizers can be defined as people who are no longer motivated by the needs for safety, belongingness, love, status, and self-respect, because these needs have already been satisfied. Why then should a love-gratified person fall in love? They Love because they are loving persons, in the same way they are kind, honest, natural, i.e., because it is their nature to be so spontaneously, as a strong man is strong without willing to be, or a child is childish.”Abraham Maslow