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What is the World Clock?

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What is the World Clock?

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Archived Video – World Clock Talk: Presented  on a local public access channel, original air date 02-12-98.

The peculiar tendency of the human mind to disassemble reality, then reassembling those fragmented pieces into a reflection of the universe, comprehensible only in relation to the archetypal facets of an interior reality. This is very much the situation here… as found among these pages are the tenuous connections to bemused rising from my own consciousness. and for some reason felt like sharing these ideas in a metaphysical poster, that coincidentally can also be purchased on this web site.

The freely available image does give a reasonably accurate idea of the overall design, although much of the finer print can still be difficult to read, even when viewed at higher resolutions. To be honest, no web page version adequately compares when seen beside the actual printed poster. After so many years of careful research and refinement, this chart has been faithfully reproduced into a high quality poster, and is now available to aid in the enlightenment of any other like minded individual.

It is my humble belief that through such correlations that exists between various scientific, philosophical and metaphysical systems, the interwoven causes of personal individuation, as well as our greater cultural development will be furthered.  After looking all this over, perhaps you will find yourself puzzled over just what could this stuff possibly mean, or to humanity at large, and I hope in the near future to provide you with a better answers. There should soon be a wide assortment of  World Clock Reference Source pages assembled here, which will include links to various other bibliographic resources.

It is hoped one day, the material comprising these web pages will continue to evolve and mature, ultimately taking on the form of a genuine book (or maybe simply burned to a CD) with the intent of becoming a sort of World Clock Operator’s Manual. Please also consider yourself a welcome visitor to my growing online storefront of used books available for sale via thebookmonger!

Rainbow Wizard

“In the future there will be a diagram that people will unroll and understand everything.”G.I. Gurdgieff